Wet Cough

Key Benefits

  • Proven efficacy with immediate relief
  • Free from chemicals
  • Easy to use

Rempro Sore Throat Remedy is a 30mL spray for relief from a sore throat and throat infections. It helps to relieve throat pain by draining the viruses and bacteria from the throat surface and protecting the throat from irritation and dryness.

Tannins bind and neutralise the virus from being able to enter the host cells and at the same time, the osmotically active hypertonic solution both hydrates the throat while also detaching contaminants from the throat surface. Treating both the symptoms and causes of the infection.

90% of users found Rempro Sore Throat Remedy relieved throat infection in 7 days.

A wet cough is a cough that produces mucus or phlegm.

You may feel congested and have a rattly or tight chest and more often than not, the coughing can be constant and irritating. Sometimes called a productive cough, the wet cough is essentially a natural cleansing process – your body’s way of clearing the pathways to remove the phlegm from your respiratory tract and chest. Rempro Wet Cough Remedy works to relive the wet cough symptoms including congestion. The product acts as an antiseptic that detaches contaminants from the throat surface and in turn reduces pain.