Our Purpose

We work to develop clinically proven, natural remedies for common ailments.

We want people to feel better…naturally.

It’s the balance of science and nature that sets us apart.

What sets us apart –
The Rempro difference

Rempro products have proven clinical efficacy. Our natural tannin-based solutions target the cause and provide rapid relief from symptoms.

Easy to use and packed in a convenient travel friendly spray bottle, Rempro products are an excellent alternative to antibiotic
therapy. Our products target the bacterial infection that cause inflammation, irritation and pain while providing immediate relief from symptoms.

Our Manufacturing Credentials

Rempro products are produced by one of the world’s leading French pharmaceutical companies, Wockhardt Bio Pty Ltd.

With state of the art, multi-disciplinary manufacturing and R&D capabilities, Wockhardt
are recipients of multiple awards for excellence in production.

Rempro products are clinically proven and are approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

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